Countdown To The Big Dam Day! 09/25/2021 07:00 am 211 Days

Registration Info

2021 BDB100 is a firm Go!

With a year of “global pandemic” experience under our belt, we are 100% committed to holding a mass start, in-person ride on September 25, 2021.  If health concerns and conditions are not favorable to hold a 3,500+ ride, then we are equally committed to an in-person hybrid ride which would take place over a 2 to 3-day period that same weekend.  And if the previous two options are not available, then we will have a plan C for a Challenge-style event similar to 2020.  In both Plan A and B scenarios, there will be a Challenge-ride option (similar to 2020) for those who would still like to participate in the BDB100.

Decision Timeline:

The BDB100 Management will make an initial assessment of our direction for the 2021 event on February 2, 2021 which will be based upon the efficacy of the vaccine and communicate our initial thoughts with our key stakeholders (government agencies, sponsors, etc.). If there is positive news from local, state and national health officials, we will then communicate publicly our plans.  If the news is status quo, we will assess and communicate on a 30-day rolling timeline.

Operational Goals: 

  • Initial Assestment for In-person event - February 2
  • Update on event status - March 2 
  • Update on event status - April 6
  • Open registration - April 15
  • Event status date announcement - June 1
  • Drop dead date - August 15

2021 Registration Link Coming Soon:

Entry Dates





All Times (CST) 50/75/105 Mile 26 Mile 15 Mile All Distances
4/15 (8am) - 4/30 (11:59pm)
(Early Bird Pricing)
$45 $35 $30 $90
4/15 - 6/13 (11:59pm) $55 $45 $40 $110
6/14 - 8/22 (11:59pm) $60 $50 $45
8/23 - 9/23 (11:59pm) $70 $60 $55 $140
9/24 - onsite $80 $70 $65 $150

Food & Entertainment

While visiting the Little Rock and North Little Rock areas, be sure to check out the exciting food and beverage scene on both sides of the river. The tastes, sights and sounds of this vibrant river district is something you can only appreciate in person.



Shopping & Festival Services

Walk around and check out all of the fun things to see at the festival. All of Argenta’s Galleries and retail stores will be open. The Argenta Farmers Market will also be up and running from 7am till noon the morning of the event.

The festival features Rider Service Area by the Argenta Arts Foundation, Ambulance services by Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services (MEMS), and BDB 100 Tour Management by All Sports Productions.

Registration Policies


Cancellation Policy:

The BDB100 reserves the right to alter, postpone or cancel any event for safety concerns. This may include severe weather, security issues, construction, accidents or other issues that may affect the safety of participants. When possible and if feasible an event may be reschedule.  There is NO guarantee that it could, can or will be rescheduled. Cancellation/postponement decisions will be made as early as possible on event day or prior to, if possible.

No refunds or credits will be provided under any circumstances if you choose not to attend.  

Division or Distance Change Policy:

    Participants dropping into a lower price division will not receive refunds.
    Participants upgrading into a higher price division must pay the difference as of the date of notice to the BDB 100. The payment will either be collected during your change process online or at packet pick-up prior to receiving your race packet.

Refund Policy:

    The BDB100 has a "No Refund Policy"
    If we are notified prior to the start of the event that you are not able to attend, we will issue a coupon code to be used for your entry in next year's ride.  Merchandise does not apply and can be picked up or mailed (for a fee).

Packets for those not attending:

    If for any reason you do not attend and you wish to receive your Tee Shirt and goodie bag (if goodie bags were done).  A completed post event request form must be received at our offices within 21 day after the event.  The form must be accompanied by payment of $10 for shipping these items. (post event form here)
    All requested packets with payment will be batched and shipped out at one time.
    It is anticipated that this batch shipment will occur roughly 35 days post event.
    If for any reason you do not attend, we will not be able to guarantee that any particular shirt size will be available for shipment.

Transfer Policy:

A Participant may not transfer their entry to another with out express authorization from the BDB100.  Authorized transfers will be be provided a coupon code for the entry price at the time the original registration was made.  It will be the original registrants responsibility to provide the coupon code to the individual they wish to transfer to.  The new registrant will be responsible for any entry fee cost difference.

Foul Weather Policy:

Please note these are contingency plans for foul weather and are being posted so that you will know what actions could take place if one or more of the following scenarios occur. Given weather or other safety issues can change quickly, it is possible that actions other then these posted here could occur. However these causes and actions are the most likely.

    Severe Thunderstorms at start time
    Result to Race: If severe thunderstorms are occurring at start time, the start will be delayed up to 1 hour.  After the 1 hour rain delay,  the event may be canceled or shortened. Chance of occurrence is low given historic weather data.
    Arkansas River above flood stage and Portions of the Course are under water:
    Race Management will do its best to re-route the course around the flooded areas so as to maintain as close as possible the published distances.  Chance of occurrence is low given historic weather data.a.