Countdown To The Big Dam Day! 09/25/2021 07:00 am 211 Days

The BDB Foundation

The Big Dam Bridge Foundation (BDBF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Our mission is to promote the use, support and preservation of the Big Dam Bridge for the advancement of health, fitness, cultural and recreational activities in Arkansas. The Big Dam Bridge connects approximately 20 miles of scenic riverside trails in the cities of Little Rock and North Little Rock and assists in the connection of 70,000 acres of city, county, state and federal park land. More importantly, the Big Dam Bridge connects people by fostering a sense of community and providing a venue for community members to engage in community events.

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History of the Big Dam Bridge

It took eight years from conception to completion to build "The Big Dam Bridge". There have been many who wondered about that name. How did it get that name? Was it just a marketing ploy or a statement of the obvious, a big bridge on a dam. It was a little of both and more. The first two or three years were tough, pulling together several federal, state and local agencies. There was some resistance. The design was complex. The cost were great. There came a time when everyone involved was ready to quit.

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BDB100 Charter Members

There are only 100 Charter members in the BDB100

• Charter members never need to worry about registering for the BDB100. As a charter member you are permanently registered and will only need to fill out a waiver each year.
• You have been permanently assigned the same number every year.
• You can not transfer your number or Charter Membership except through a will.
• If you no longer wish to retain your Charter Membership you are required to return it to the BDB Foundation. The Foundation has the Right to redistribute as they see fit.
• On a regular basis (Annually or Semi Annually) Charter Members will receive a request for confirmation of correct contact information (address, etc...).  It is the responsibility of the Charter Member to return the completed form to the Big Dam Bridge Foundation.
• Charter Members will have the privilege of starting at the front of the pack (You will have a Charter Member Staging Area)